Roman & Míša Klusákovi – Lovosice, Czech Republic


Peace with you, brothers and sisters. I am grateful for your prayers and support of the ministry in the Czech Republic.

Let me share with you what God is doing in the life of his people here and in our family life.

Ministry: No words could describe the ups and downs of ministry. But each time, we can testify that God is good, faithful, merciful, and patient with us.

This Christmas season was hectic. Traditionally we had a Christian music concert that we invited our friends to. I was grateful that some people came from those who previously left our church from our city. Part of the concert was sharing the gospel (and we officially announced it beforehand). For the first time, we had two services on the 24th (our actual day for Christmas). One service in the morning and one at midnight. There is a “tradition” in Czech that people come to the churches on Christmas night. We did not have a lot of expectations, but God shamed me in that, and seven people came and heard the gospel. I was grateful to see God’s work.

This season is always busy, but this one was super hard, mainly because many people in our church were sick during the season. Even during this challenging time, God was present and working.

Family: I would like to thank you all for your prayers. Our kids were quite sick during December. They had chickenpox, especially Ester (2.5). It was hard. But they are ok right now, and we are thankful for that.

I want to share one more blessing: our expectation of the third child. Please pray for his/her salvation.

God bless you all

Soli Deo Gloria

Roman Klusák