Romanian Ministries Update

Dear Friends at Twin Villages Church,

Thank you once again for your faithful prayer and special gift of $675 in June for Ukrainian relief.

We have had an exciting and full summer.  We took a group of 90 children from Fundulea to Camp Eli for the first week of camp this summer.  We had 220 children attend our kids klub in the 6 weeks before camp.  The Lord continues to bless.  We hosted a group or 75 children from our three church plant locations for another week, and what a blessing to be with our church plant pastors and the children to whom they minister!  We then hosted 70 adolescents (our largest group for and ADO camp).  Many decisions were made for Christ!

We had no American teams this summer, but Lord willing next summer COVID will be gone, and we can resume hosting teams to help with our different camps and outreaches.  Would you like to come!?

Brianna has finished high school!!!!!  Next week, we will be flying to the states for her to begin her year at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, FL.  Kristin and I will be accompanying her and staying in the states through New Year.  Lord willing, we will get to visit with friends and churches that we did not on our COVID shortened furlough three years ago.

The start of our furlough will be in Florida with my mother, Barbara Ziemer, as she will be having knee replacement on August 29. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers! We also remember my father’s home going next week on August 20!

Corina has spent time in many countries across Africa over the past four years with the prayer that the Lord would show her where He would have her minister full time…. well, she has found that place.  In January she will be moving to Jos, Nigeria to work with our good friends Peter and Miriam Fretheim and their ministry. Corina will be in the states with us and will be raising her support.  Please pray about this opportunity, and please contact her and encourage her as she starts this new venture! Email address:

I have been discipling a group of young men over the past two years, and they are growing in their relationship with Christ.  7 of them will be following the Lord in Baptism next Sunday, along with two of their parents.  They have become involved in leadership in our teen program and were very helpful with activities at Camp Eli throughout the summer.  We went camping last week for four days, while beginning a study of the book of Romans together.  Please pray for them, I believe they can change the world!

We mentioned spending four months in the states this fall, and we are in need of a vehicle to borrow.  If someone has a vehicle they are not using, it would be a blessing to the Ziemer family!

Gerald and Kristin Ziemer