Pastor Iulian Vodislav – Noul Legamant Church in Lugoj, Romania

I received your letter and we thank you for all your love ,prayers,visits and financial support.
God is blessing us through you and the financial support is very welcomed.
Me and my wife still live in Timisoara and go to the church in Lugoj.Every week from Thursday till Sunday -60 km.-I still Go to different churches were I'm invited to do ministry and prayer. I also visit poor families and help them with food ,building materials and financial support. We also need help to maintain the church's  building and help with the local taxes. We also help the church members that have low income with help to pay some of their bills and food . The church sends some of the children in little 3 days trip. Since 2020 we have two programs with a group of 12-14 people around 10 km from Lugoj were we are renting for the next five years and we decorated the space-70 mp- Together with my wife receive pension from the government each month. We don't have any other income. Your financial support helps us to maintain our car. Because of Covid19 we split the church in 3 groups so we don't  have more people then the  government allows. On the  8th  of august we celebrated  19 years since we founded the church. Every month we do a financial rapport of all the spending to make sure we  are according to the Low ,we also have an accountant that help us, We are very grateful for all your financial support because it allows us to extend  God s work , we are very grateful to you and to God for everything you do for us. May God bless you and to repay all your efforts.