Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,

We experienced a meaningful Christmas in our church. Usually, Hungarian churches have services on Christmas Day. In our new church we decided to celebrate on Christmas Eve, gathering at 9 pm. It was snowing outside which we seldom experience nowadays. We had visitors, family members and a very intimate atmosphere as we celebrated the birth of our Lord Jesus. People stayed to talk so we got home well after midnight with a grateful heart.

In January Áron, Sámuel and Abigél went to Atlanta to Passion ’24. This is a conference for Christian young adults. It was very meaningful for them to be together there and experience God’s presence in a unique way. We were watching online and praying for them. They also had some fun time together. And we had a wonderful time here at home alone without kids! At this age, we think we deserve it. 🙂

February was a strange month for our family. It was characterized by illnesses. First, Áron and Gyuri got infected, and after a week of high fever Gyuri got into the hospital with pneumonia. Then Anikó got pneumonia also, and a deep vein thrombosis with some more complications. Because of this Gyuri went alone to Canada to preach and teach (9 times) in 3 Hungarian speaking churches in 3 cities in 10 days. It was so good to see our children (Áron and Abigél) standing firm and run our church without us being there. We are so proud of them. And also to experience that people brought food for 2 weeks to help us. We are thankful for all of this. We are doing fine now, having more doctor’s appointments on a regular basis.

Centrál Budapest Baptist Church– Since summer time, almost every Sunday we have new visitors, which is very encouraging. We’ll have new groups beginning in April. Centrál Disciples is for those who are committed to us and are influential. This is going to be on Sunday afternoons monthly. The other group is for members-to-be, on a weekday evening. It is very difficult to get people together when they work 8 hours, go to PhD school or other trainings, build their carrier and family. But the Lord is not in a hurry. We try to be patient.

Pastors’ Training Institute – The new batch of pastors started the program last fall. We are currently counselling 2 couples where the wives had nervous breakdown in the fall, and 1 young pastor couple in Romania (Hungarian speaking) also asked for our help. We never intended to counsel pastor couples but the Lord put it on our plate. Please pray for wisdom!!!

Anikó finished her research among pastors’ wives. She is waiting for the meeting to present findings and her proposal to the leadership of Hungarian Baptist Union on how we can help pastor’s wives to stand firm in all their roles of a complex life.

New family member – March 7 Jonatán Varga has arrived to our family (Nátán – our first-born son - and Diti’s second child). They are all well, the girls are getting used to being 4 in the family. Thank God Nátán can be home (paid!) for up to 3 months!!! (He works for a French company.)


Gyuri and Anikó VARGA