Karen & Ruben Popet – Beraca Orphanage in Jdioara, Romania

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

March, 2024

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy month for the children and teenagers.  Besides school and all the homework and things that go along with that, they have again participated in several youth events in Timisoara.  The teenagers enjoy going and are growing in the Lord.  Cosmin and Andrada have also started to invite their friends to church.  They are not afraid to talk to them about Jesus.  It is so encouraging to see them influencing their peers.  Cosmin has a heart for his family as well and wants to see them come to know Jesus.

Some of the teenagers are learning wood engraving.  They are creative and are making progress quickly.  We are thankful that they enjoy learning new things and participating in activities.  It is a worthwhile way for them to spend their free time.

A church in America sent money to bless our widows.  Valentina and the teenagers put together seventeen boxes of food and distributed them to the widows.  They are always so thankful for the help.  They also love having visitors.  Beraca also helped a college student with food as finances are very tight for her.  For so many college students, it is difficult to be able to pay for college as well as living expenses so we are glad we can help.

A church group is planning a mission trip to Beraca in June, and they have asked us to organize it and to go with them.  It has been two years since we left Romania, so we are going to go and help them.  We also plan to check on everything and see if Valentina needs our help in any way.  And we plan to spend time with Ruben’s family, our friends and of course the children and teenagers at the orphanage and those who are now on their own.  The cost of plane tickets has gone up significantly as well as the basic cost of living.  So, if anyone would like to give towards the cost of our plane tickets and living expenses while we are there, that would be wonderful.  You would still make your check out to Beraca and then put Popet trip on the memo line.  Thank you so much.

All of you have been so generous over the years and we are so thankful for that.  Your prayers and finances have kept God’s work in Romania going for many, many years.  May God bless you abundantly.

Beraca Foundation, P.O. Box 674, Jacksonville, IL 62651; karenpopet@gmail.com