Jacob & Rodica Logos – Crivina, Romania

Beloved Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,

We are still in the pandemic yet we are enjoying the blessings of God towards our families, our ministry and the churches.  A few people passed away in our congregations this year but we are still being a blessing for those around us.  We have some visitors coming to the church in Nadrag and some to the church in Ciresu.  We hope they are going to turn their lives to the Lord soon.

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support that we receive from you.  God bless all of you who gave with many blessings.

We pray for you daily.  You are in our hearts.  I will send you a few more recent pictures, too.  We don't have any major changes.  We just have to conform to the rules of the pandemic.

We thank you all again from our hearts for all of the sacrifices that you do for us.

We bless you and we love you,

Rodica and Jacob