Lucian & Carmen Bordea — Romania

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Greetings from me and the churches on the mission.  Thank you for your continued support in prayer and financial support.  I try to show you the state of the churches (Florica and Valea Argovei) and how things have gone in recent months.  In Florica the activities of the church are: the children’s club which was more restricted due to the restrictions, the group of teenagers had regular meetings, the fact that a teenager attends the preparation course for baptism and others are determined in the decision to be baptized.  In the church a young family recently returned, we were happy with their decision.  There are unsaved people in the family in the church who attend the meeting regularly, we are waiting for decisions and choices to follow Jesus.  We have regular meetings on Sundays and during the week we have evenings of prayer and Bible study.  We keep in touch with those who visit the church through visits and the presentation of the gospel at home, we pray for them to be enlightened by the holy scriptures. We help and support families in need.  I would like to inform you of the case of a person from the church who has serious heart health problems, please support him and his family in prayers.  In Valea Argovei there will also be three people to do the preparation course for baptism, we are happy for their choice.  There are people who attend church meetings, we keep in touch with them through home visits. This year we want to preach the gospel in neighboring cities.  Valea Argovei is a connection point for the surrounding villages with a meeting location than in Valea Argovei.  My desire for this year is to be as effective and involved as possible in presenting the gospel and expanding the kingdom of God.  Thank you for your direct and personal involvement.  Be blessed!!

Update & Praise – Lucian & Carmen Bordea

Thursday, October 5th, 2017
Dear Friends,
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.  We had a great time of sharing and prayer at Lucian’s house last night.  We prayed for his healing while we admitted that he is in the Lord’s hands and whatever the Lord decides we will praise Him.  Luci went to the hospital this morning to be admitted, and after a couple hour wait the neurology doctor met with him, reviewed his scans, info, etc, and told him there was nothing to worry about because he was a healthy individual.  The Bell’s palsy symptoms that he had recently were due to a strong infection he has (sinus and ear/teeth) and he needs to see someone in that field of study (ear/nose/throat)!  He came back home very relieved and excited (Carmen had a huge smile on her face!)  He rested for a couple hours and then went to lead prayer meeting in Florica!
May the Lord be praised!
Gerald Ziemer

Urgent Prayer Request – Lucian & Carmen Bordea

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
Dear Friends,
Please join me in praying with us for our national pastor of the ministry in Florica, Lucian Bordea.  He has recently had a bout of Bell’s Palsy type symptoms, and after recent CT scans was informed that he has brain atrophy (I do not know to what degree).  We as church leaders are going to his house tomorrow (Tuesday) to pray with him and over him (James 5:14) and trusting the Lord to touch him and heal him.  He is in good spirits and has been heavily involved in ministry in Florica and Valea Argovei.  He will be going in for more testing to find out in more detail if these initial tests and diagnosis are accurate.  I just found out today he has waited until the end of the month to do more testing so he will know how much support he received this month.  You all are active partners with Lucian and Carmen and I wanted you to know of this request so you could pray with us!  Please pass this along for others to pray as well.
I will keep you updated as I find out more!  Pray with us, we are expecting great things from and great God!
Gerald and Kristin Ziemer

Bordea, Lucian

Romanian Ministries Update

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Dear Friends at the Philippian Fellowship,


Thank you so much for your faithfulness in helping us to spread the gospel here in Romania.  Thanks for your prayers and support in June and July.  I would love to see you guys in September, I will be in the northeast for a few days bringing Corina to WOLBI in NY.


The Lord has given us many opportunities for ministry this spring and summer.  What a joy to have all our children home for the summer and ministering alongside of us.  At the beginning of the summer, our oldest son Michael asked Alina to be his wife, (she said yes).  We are excited about the opportunities the Lord has placed before them, using their medical and sports professions to give forth the message of the gospel here in Romania.


We hosted many different groups that came to assist with the new church construction in Valea Argovei, and leading weeks of camp and VBS in four different ministry locations.  In the spring Kristin purchased a new tablecloth, white with black outlined flowers.  I suggested that we should have all our guests sign their name and color a flower or leaf.  You see the result of 78 overnight guests in the beautiful artwork they designed on the attached picture.


Camp Eli was again a blessing to many, we hosted 880 folks this summer with different groups, and took nearly 300 of our own children, teens, leaders to camps as well.  We are thankful for the opportunity to host these children who are truly thankful for the opportunity to spend a week in a wonderful setting among God’s people who love them.  A special thanks to the different teams that gave of their time and resources to come and help us lead these weeks of camp.


We have just begun a new believers class at church with people who have decided to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.  Many of them are youth from within our church who were challenged this summer with their need to publicly proclaim their faith in the Lord.  Pray with us for this group of 14 who have just begun.


We are so thankful for the Godly heritage of those who have gone before us.  My godly grandma Fannie went home to be with the Lord August 11 at the age of 97. She faithfully served the Lord (taught second grade SS class for 60 years) and was looking forward to going to be with Him.  Thanks for all your encouraging words during this time.  It is difficult to be far from family during times like this.

We love you and are thankful for your investment in our lives and the ministry here in Romania.

Gerald and Kristin Ziemer

Lucian & Carmen Bordea

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

As reported by Gerald Ziemer, missionary with Titus International:

Lucian and Carmen are doing well, as you know they are expecting their fifth child.  They are excited for this gift from the Lord, but Carmen would appreciate your prayers as it is a difficult pregnancy for her.  Ionut is in 8th grade, and recently accompanied our junior high group on the piano when they sang special music in church.  Alex is in fourth grade, Ana is in second grade, and Iosif is in kindergarten.


Lucian is very involved pastoring the church in Florica.  They have worship services every Sunday at 3:00 pm, and prayer meeting every Wednesday evening.  We have seen interest grow and wain from different friends, family, and neighbors in spiritual matters.  We had a baptism in December where four souls declared that they put their faith in Christ and followed Him in “believers” baptism.  Important and huge step here, as the majority of children are baptized “christianized” as babies in the Orthodox church.  We have three more that have accepted Christ and are in the process of preparing to start our new believers class with them in preparation for baptism.


Lucian has been filling in for his brother Ion (who has been nicknamed Moise “Moses”) in the ministry in Valea Argovei.  Two Sundays a month Lucian goes and leads the morning services in this town, and also leads the Friday night prayer meeting and Bible Study.  This ministry is growing and we are looking for a piece of land to build a church building there.  Viorel and Luminita have been kind enough to let us use a room in their home for the past couple years, but we have outgrown it and needs more space.  We have received some funds for the land, and a small amount to get started in the construction.  We are praying about finding an existing house that we could use for a couple years, before building to give us an immediate location to meet, and from which to build.  Please pray with us for this next step.  We have an offer on an existing piece of land with a house on it, we are waiting if the three owners (brothers) are willing to accept our price.


Lucian has involved a group from the Fundulea church in leadership with him in these two ministries and they accompany him when he goes. They make a good team.


Lucian is involved in the leadership of Hope Baptist in Fundulea as well, and recently we have had some tough decisions to make regarding church discipline issues, and your prayers are much appreciated.


Ion Bordea is doing much better, and we so much appreciate your prayers for him and his wife Nina.  Nina has been stretched incredibly through this tough and trying situation.  Ion has recovered much of his strength, and endurance after nearly a year long recovery without much medical intervention (therapy, or recovery helps).  The medical system sent him from intensive care directly home.  He has taken the opportunity to preach a few times lately in Sinesti, and Valea Argovei.  He stood up in church in Fundulea last Sunday and shared with our church his desire to once again minister fully for our Lord and tell others in the towns around us about the Savior.  Please continue to pray for him and his total mental, physical, social, and emotional recovery from this devastating skull/brain injury.  I truly believe that the prayers of many saints and the Lords power kept him alive.  His daughter Alina is a third year medical student in Bucharest, his daughter Georgeta is a senior in high school, he has two sons, Andrei in third grade,a nd Simon in kindergarten (along with Lucian’s son, Iosif.)


Thanks you so much for your faithful support and prayers for these faithful men of God.  We continue to attempt great things for God, and expect great things from Him.  We are trusting Him for the increase.


Lucian & Carmen Bordea

Friday, March 28th, 2014

As reported by Gerald Ziemer, missionary with Titus International:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Lucian and Carmen are doing well, and in case you have not heard, they are expecting a little girl in a few months.  They are excited about this gift from the Lord, and the growth of their family.  He is pastoring our church in Florica, and we have seen new people attending over the past two months.  We have three people that have recently decided to be baptized.  We are planning our next new believers class with them.  They have services every Sunday afternoon, and prayer meetings every Wednesday evening.  God has raised up a good group of folks from our church here in Fundulea that go along with him and assist in this ministry.

Last May, Ion (Florin), Lucian’s brother fell off of a roof and was in a coma for a few days, and then intensive care.  He is recovering slowly and I recently asked Lucian how he is in his opinion.  He responded that he sees his brother at 70% of his former self.  Please continue to pray for him.  As you know Ion was planting a church in Valea Argovei at the time.  Lucian and one of our deacons from Fundulea, have overseen this ministry for the last 10 months, and I am thrilled to say that it is not just maintaining, it is growing.  they hold services there every Sunday morning, and Friday evening.  We have seen a number saved this winter, and have at least 5 interested in following the Lord in believers baptism.  We are planning our first new believers class there, starting in the next couple weeks.  Ion has been able to go with them often, and share from the Word and even preach a few times.  We continue to pray for his total recovery.

We have been allowed to use a room in the home of Viorel and Luminita in Valea Argovei, but this is not large enough for all the people that want to come.  We have received $4000 to purchase a piece of land, and are presently looking.  We found one last year before brother Ion fell, but did not proceed after his accident because we wanted to be sure we had the Lord’s plan for this ministry.  We have had great response to the gospel message there, and are looking forward to soon purchasing a piece of land and beginning the process of building a church building for worshipping.  Many children come to the meetings in VA, but we have not been able to have any separate meetings with them this winter because we only have one room, and it is cold outside.  In the spring, summer, and fall we hold the children’s meetings outside.  Please pray with us as we seek a piece of land.  We just received $9000 yesterday for the beginning of this construction.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers for Lucian and Carmen, they are worthy workers in the harvest.  We recently received a quantity of donated clothes, some new, and some used.  Please pray for us as we begin to distribute these over the next two weeks to those in need.  We have had problems in the past with some looking at what others received rather than being thankful for what they received.  Pray with us for a spirit of thankfulness and harmony to dominate.

We are finishing up 40 days of prayer and fasting next Thursday, and we have seen the Lord do a work of convicting of sin, and cleansing among us.

We appreciate you guys and all you do!  Thanks for partnering with us to reach our corner of Romania with the gospel.

Gerald (for Lucian and Carmen)

Florica Church Plant Update

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

The church plant in Florica, Romania has gone very well, with God blessing it richly. Lucian Bordea is pastoring the church and other Philippian Fellowship supported ministries are involved as well. Below is a recent update out of Romania regarding the Florica church.

We held our first church service in Florica yesterday, and there were 94 people that attended. 38 of these were from our church in Fundulea, but the rest were from Florica and neighboring towns nearby. Praise the Lord for all the funds given and hard work done to get to this point. We have finished the exterior of the building, and the interior of the sanctuary. Lord willing we will be finishing the rest of the interior as the Lord supplies during these next few winter months. We rejoice in recently received gifts to cover the exterior and the heating. Thanks again for your special gift of $1,500 to get us to this point.

Lucian & Carmen Bordea

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

As reported by Gerald Ziemer, missionary with Titus International.

We want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support in September and October for the ministry of Lucian Bordea. God is doing great things, and we are reaching out even more to the areas surounding Fundulea.  Out of 144 locations (cities, towns, villages) in our county 122 have no evangelical church or witness for people to hear the gospel.  One of the ways we are moving ahead is planting churches so the message of the gospel will be heard.  I recently heard the following quote, ” The gospel is good news, only if it arrives in time!”  The need is great, please continue to stand with us.

We have made great strides with the construction of the church in Florica. We received special gifts to cover the cost of the roof, doors, and windows, and we have installed these.   Our next need is for the insulation, and exterior finishes ($5,600) and the heating system ($4,100) so that we can use the building this winter.  We desire to finish the sanctuary now and the rest of the interior as the Lord provides over the winter months.  We hosted the work team pictured on the attached note last week, and started the electrical and drywall work.  We have had 12 donors for this project so far, and would be very grateful if you would consider helping us see this project through to completion.  Any donations can be sent to Titus International, with a note for the church construction in Florica, Romania.

In September we had the opportunity of baptizing 5 people in Fundulea, and only one is truly from Fundulea.  Viorica is a homeless lady we have been helping for the past year with food (the mayor has provided her a bed in a room attached to the closed hospital), Marian form Plumbuita, Marian from Sarulesti, Cristi from Ogoru, and Oana from Fundulea were baptized Sept 2.  As you can see, the witness of our church is reaching out to other towns around us.