Roman & Míša Klusákovi – Lovosice, Czech Republic


Peace with you, brothers and sisters. I am grateful for your prayers and support of the ministry in the Czech Republic.

Let me share with you what God is doing in the life of his people here and our family life.

Ministry: I am sure you all can testify to the goodness of God. We are mere particulars of His doings. To see God’s kindness reminds us why we, as Christians, are. The first few months of this year were so fast that it was hard to catch my breath. After Christmas, we started to prepare for the summer ministries—mainly the daily camp where we invite the kids from our town to hear the gospel. Our goal is not to do the ivents, but to make disciples and thus we are taking this as the opportunity not only to teach the gospel, but also for learning opportunity for young adults. I want to ask you for your prayers for this event.

            As a church, we are before a great decision. We would build a new church building or reconstruct the structure we have. Please pray for wisdom and also for the unity in the church.

Family: I would like to thank you all for your prayers. We are excited to prepare for the blessing of the third child. Samuel and Ester are excited and are waiting for the baby to come. Please pray for Misa and strength for her as well as for the health of the baby.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God bless you all

Soli Deo Gloria

Roman Klusák