Roman & Míša Klusákovi – Lovosice, Czech Republic

Brothers and sisters, thank you for your faithful ministry support in many places, especially in the Czech Republic. Let me share with you an update on our ministry and prayer requests.

Ministry: Because of the mercy of God, we can witness growth. God is mercifully and slowly adding to our church those that heard, read, or saw (youtube) about our church and the preaching of the word. Not everyone is coming in here for the spiritual truth of the Word of God, though. Please pray for our wisdom to share the gospel with everyone and help everyone according to their real needs.

I am thankful for our elders' wisdom and humble attitude. They are great and faithful man of God. They are giving their lives to the ministry. Please pray for their families as well as for the streght in their every day "secular" jobs.

On Sundays, we just started 2 Thessalonians, which teaches us a lot about how we should live in the expectations of Christ's return.

In connection with CBI in Kromeriz, we started a new program or extension in our church this year, and we have around 35 people coming each month for the Bible survey class from 6 different Baptist churches. We are really thankful for this enormous opportunity to serve and for the blessing. Please pray for us because we need the wisdom to decide the following year.

Please pray for the opportunities to share the gospel with our town, families, and neighbors.


Family: Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family. We are blessed in so many ways that it is hard to describe them in such a short letter.

Our beautiful kids (sinners 😀 ) are growing so fast that it is hard to follow their progress. My wife, Míša, is also working hard in home and ministry. Please pray for her strength on her daily journey.

Our building project (house) is growing, and we are taught both patience and faith in it. Everything is much more expensive than last year or a year before. But God is good, and He is taking care of us in every way. We hope that this house will serve the family of God.

Thank you for all the support—especially your prayers.

God bless you all.

Roman Klusák