David & Stefy Harlea – Romania

We are thankful to the Lord for keeping us in his grace, adding people to his church, new children coming at afterschool and the church in Sinesti being supportive for ministry.

Andrea and Nicu knew about Jesus from our children club. They got friends, moved together and when they faced very hard times in their lives, they knew where to find it. They contacted Adi and together started a bible study. In the first day when they asked for help, Andreea said she felt free from Satan’s bondage that she felt even physically. She had many traumas in her life and in the last period of time she couldn’t resist sleepless nights and other voices in her head who kept her from praying or reading the scriptures. They became hungry for the Word and after two months they got married and then baptised. They gladly joined our church and we meet with them on a regular base for fellowship and bible study. Praise the Lord for his wonderful work.

Our friends Adi, Niki, Florin and my brother Beni went this month for 3 weeks in Uganda to share the gospel in schools, with Jesus’ movie, and in a tribal area from north. A couple of thousands of children and people had a chance to hear the gospel. We are grateful for our church in Sinesti who showed their love and support to them. This year, God’s willing we will form another team and go again in August. This time I pray that God’s willing I will be able to go.

We are grateful for new children coming to afterschool without any advertising. Some children quit coming but other new ones came in. On the 8th of march here we celebrate the Mother’s Day and we used the chance to gather their parents and have a little celebration and share the gospel. On this coming ester we will try to go again to an evangelistic drama for children called “the mystery of Ester”. Hopefully more children will understand and accept the love of our Father.

We thank you very much for your prayers and support, we wouldn’t be able to do all these things without your help. May the Lord reward you as He knows best and can do it. (If you would like to give a hand of help in some of our renovation projects in Sinesti and need more information, you can write to me at harleadavid@yahoo.com) gratefully, David Harlea