Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

I hope this email will find you well. I am busy with my ministry at Efrata, trying to keep up the good work for the Kingdom of God. A week ago we had a baptism and another one will take place in June. Right now we are in the process to prepare our VBS from June. We except to have over 300 children in the third day, and over this number in the fourth day. Please pray for this event in our church.

In the same time we continue to bless people with food and other goods. I continue to visit Ukraine and helping our brothers in Christ from this country under war. Many lost their families and houses and have no hope for tomorrow.

Our visits  aim to morally and materially encourage their ministry. We challenge the brothers from Romania to support pastors from Ukraine through donations, so that they can continue their ministry. If you ever plan to come and visit Romania, we can drive you to Ukraine. You are invited to come and visit us, anytime you want.