Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Below you’ll find a link to the latest news from the Kovacs and the Menedek Alaptivany, or “Refuge Foundation”. We trust you’ll find it encouraging. Thank you!

Menedek Newsletter 2018 Jan

Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Below you’ll find the latest news from the Kovacs and the Menedek Alaptivany, or “Refuge Foundation”. We trust you’ll find it encouraging. Thank you!

Summer! Physical and Spiritual Rejuvenation


We have the privilage to minister to many children who’s parents are residents at varuous Menedek facilities. During the summer we arranged a number of events for this children. The community activities were meant to capture the attention of all age groups in a way that would create lasting memories.


With financial support received from Word of Life Hungary and also from Budafok Baptist Church, these children got to spend time at summer camps in Toalmas at Word of Life as well as at Karad Youth Camp, both in Hungary. In July, we had some volunteers from Ireland visiting the Mothers’ Home and organized day camp for children of the resident moms.


Keeping with our tradition we held our annual Menedek Day in Kiskunmajsa again this summer filled with a wide variety of fun, playful activities. We had a great time, young and old, residents and staff: together in community.


“With Jesus in reality” was the name of the art – themed camp organized for youth in Bodrog and nearby Nikla (both Hungarian villages). Besides art, we facilitated english language day camps for children living in these vilages in cooperation with the local churches.

Meanwhile at the men’s shelter in Budapest we organized bicycle rides, and had dinner guests! Occasional chess tournaments in the house brought excitment to summer evenings.

Many thanks to the facilitators and volunteers involved in all these events! We are thankful for the supporting organizations and individuals!




This year again we participated at Balation-Net, an interbnational conference held at beautiful Lake Balaton. Thuis annual 4-day conference is aimed to bring chritrians together from near or afar and emphasize strong and balanced biblical principles. This year Balaton net is held August 19-23 in the town of Balatonszemes


During the conference we will have a chance to set up our Menedek-kiosk at the Mission Fair that is held during the conference. Our purpose will be to offer a view in to the many servioces Menedek does, as well as show case Menedek publications.


Nikla Board Decision


As per the decision and vote by the representative body at Nikla, the Bodrog church congregation was allowed to continue operating and support the Berzsenyi Dániel Primary School at Nikla and Mézengúz Kindergarten through August, 31st, 2015. God opened very many open doors at Nikla mission. The board’s decision was acceped with a heavy heart.


English courses in Kiskunmajsa


Our weekly english language courses bring excitment to both children and their parents at the Menedek-Village in Kiskunmajsa. As part of the the class excercises, students memorized Bible verses in English. We are thankful for Péter Csaplár senior pastor who is oversaw this program.


Kornel Heizer relocates to Budapest


During his career with Menedek, long tenured Kornel Heizer looked after a number of different ministry areas, most recently in Bodrog where we was in charge of the foster home operations for years as well as the appointed mayor of the town of Bodrog. Kornel with his wife, Anna, has recently relocated to Budapest where he continues his ministry at Menedek as a consultant to the shelter counsellors. Welcome to Budapest, Kornél!




School season brings a returning financial burden to families living in our shelters, purchase of school equipment and clothing. We welcome school bags, sneakers, school supplies, or monetary donations to purchase these items.



Testimonial: A new life with God


An abused mother with my then four-year-old son, I came to the Menedek City in Kiskunmajsa in November 2009.


After a lot of enduring and suffering I decided to take the hardest step of my life and leave my abuse-heavy marrige behind and put my son’s future on highest priority. It was a very difficult decision, but I did it, I left my husband and came here. In the past I had heard about mother’s shelters, temporary accommodation homes, but I never thought that I could be part of it.


I arrived on a rainy, cold November day, beaten, humiliated, afraid of the questioning eyes of people, but all the same filled with hope as well. It was hard to fit in, I built a wall of shame around me, because of the way I looked. I know it was not my fault, but I was afraid what people thought about me.


Months passed before I accepted God’s and the caregivers helping hand and start a new life with my son. At first it was difficult because I wanted everything at once: a job, a home with a loving companion for myself and a father figure for my son. There were times when I gave up, but there was always a Menedek counselor by my side to extend mercy and love! I here found true friendship, love, and that I am important to some people.


Fast forward from my arrival at Menedek in 2009. I now have an extended family! I am married to a faithful, loving husband and we look after my son and three grandchildren. Besides new family I also found deep friendship with two other moms as well as many other people whom I feel became family members. I found home in the Menedek Shelter. Should anyone ask me what Menedek City means to me, My aswer is simly: the beginning of a new life, with God!


Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

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We trust you’ll find it encouraging. Thank you!

February 2015 Update

Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

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Menedék Newsletter

Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

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Menedék Newsletter

Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Let us be good stewards: Since my early childhood I remember warnings about saving and later on I saw my parents and my grandparents saving and spending carefully. Why should I be a good steward and with what? First of all I should review what I have so I can work out how to be a good steward of it. There are possessions which seem to be constant and others which change, for example money. However, apart from money there are a lot of things of which I should be a good steward. The economic crisis helps me and inspires me to save. Globalization has generalized it. It is interesting how the media influences our minds. Today we have the world in our hands like never before. We have got the news- and it’s very bad news. We should be good stewards based on the information we get. We have started to “provide” for each other – not like we did before from the overflowing of our love and time, but for the sake of being “being provided for in return”. We have thrown away most of our values.

Nowadays we try to be good stewards of water and soil. This is good. Responsibility goes hand in hand with economical thinking. What about being good stewards of time? Do I have time for priorities? How much time is taken away from me by the time thief? Who will be good stewards of us? Who considers me important? Who will “preserve” us for the future? We can be good stewards of the amount of domestic power we use – if we were to use it well, we would not need so much. Your house can be in A+ category, but which category am I as an energy user? I have a wife, children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues, I have neighbours church and brothers and sisters in Christ. I have a job, a business, a house, a car, a town, a country etc? Am I a good steward of them? How can I be one?

The aim of good stewardship is to have the opportunity to use what we have saved for the sake of ourselves and for others in the future. Being a good steward us is not scrimping, and it is not a result of asceticism. It is a conscious saving for tomorrow; it is the hand of contentment. It is like a full sack. We keep putting things in one side and also keep giving away from the other. It contains everything we receive. Stewardship means giving and passing on. What we give away is still close to us. It may be ours or others’. Being a good steward is a godly quality. It is the fruit of thanksgiving, contentment and hope. It builds for the future. It looks forward. So whoever is able to save up should do it. It is not a sin, it is rather a virtue. Whatever others do, you should be a good steward. “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.” (Prov. 21:20). The wise store up valuable things. We save up the things we value to use them and to share them, and we look after them. Being a good steward also means happiness. It shows that I am able to choose what to save and this gives security in time of need. There are times when we get rid of old things and get new ones instead. Things we value can change. This is when I recognize that there is a time to do something. Can I help my wife be a good steward? Yes, I can, when I save her from things which would consume her. Can I help my friends be good stewards? Yes. And yes is the answer regarding my money, my time, my heating and household power etc. I should have a lifestyle that guarantees tomorrow. Wastefulness and the “nothing is enough” attitude bring discontent ingratitude and insecurity.

There is only one exception: we should not stint on love because God does not do this. He keeps giving it to people. He provided life for us and He gave us a future. We can love continually when we know that we won’t lose any of it, because love never fails.

The aim of being good stewards is to give, and to be content in time of need. To recognize this we need faith. We have to recognize when to use what we have previously saved. It would be wrong not to use what we have saved up. I think it is better to use it than to save it. Only godly men are able to give from little. The miracle is that the little is enough for everything. I was in this situation when I had to have dental treatment. If I had not had money saved up I would not have able to do it. It was not easy to decide that this was the priority now rather than other things.

It was the same when we bought the mansion house in Bodrog for Menedék (Refuge).

We needed the money I had saved up. There and then. There was no more and it was enough. God has blessed it and now the ministry in Bodrog is in its fullness.

When my mother was dying I felt that it was a time to express my love I kept back. One by one we said goodbye to her as children. I thanked her for her love and gave her to the Lord. We will meet again in joy.

Soon it will be great to spend the money we have saved sacrificially on travelling to meet our children and grandchildren to see and love and feel each other. It is worth spending on our important relationships, so we do not lose each other but rather encourage each other. We use things up while we are getting richer. As people we are important to God. He saved up treasures for us here on earth: oil, coal, gas, wood, atom energy, water, air and so much more to look after us. And He not only provides here on earth but He planned eternal salvation for those who trust in him and accept Jesus Christ. He lives in us to save our lives and keep them for eternity. He values us greatly. This is the reason He came to earth at Christmas. God gave, He gave his Son, He saved him and sent him to us as a solution and a new covenant for people who did not have any way to “save” for their own survival. We still have this way of salvation today. – Zoltan Kovacs

A testimony of a mother: How I got to Menedek (the Refuge).

As an abused mother I arrived at Kiskunmajsa with my 4 year old son in November 2009. I was afraid and without hope and I did not know what to expect. Till that time I just had heard about these kinds of places, never thinking I would end up here. It was a nice surprise. I received lots of love and attention from the workers. I thought I had a chance to find my feet finally- but I was wrong. My life started to fall apart once again. In March 2011 my daughter and two grandchildren arrived. In April my daughter had to leave temporarily so there were three little children with me. I was discouraged, but with the help of the social workers I was able to survive that time. The children grew and we had a happy and peaceful life and I felt things are turning to good. Meanwhile I got to know a man who encouraged me greatly. Our relationship was heading in a good direction till March 2012. Then trials after trials came. My boyfriend’s mother died and 3 months later my father died. At this point I felt that I had lost everything. I did not have a mum or a dad. What would happen to me? In secret I prayed to God that my boyfriend would stay with me. My prayers were answered. In August 2012 we got married, both of us had work and my daughter came home. We still live in Menedek. At last I can say that I have a happy and peaceful life with the man I love and with those who love me.

I thank everyone who taught me that without faith and love I cannot live. – Gyorgy Antal

Our needs:

We need to renovate the playground according to EU standards. The extension work in the attic of the BOK building carries on as we are creating storage rooms for the school. Both projects cost approximately 5-5 millions HUF.

We would like to thank those who have supported our ministry during this year by prayers, financial and practical help. On behalf of the staff and the residents I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas season.