Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,


So many things have happened since June (our last newsletter). It feels like we became a couple years older.


In June Gyuri completed some exams but not all, so this year he is still a Seminary student. He does not visit classes, but has to DO RESEARCH AND WRITE 4 ESSAYS and participate one weekend class this fall. Plus, he will begin writing his THESIS soon.


First week of July, we went away with 7 pastor couples for a 5 days training. It was fantastic to see them make new discoveries on how to renew their marriage, family life and do ministry together. It is a true privilege to minister to them. This year Gyuri needs WISDOM TO ENHANCE THE TRAINING PROGRAM with new elements.


This summer we spent 6 weeks in the USA as a family. It was so good to see all 4 of our children together after 3 years. We were very sorry that our daughter- in-law and 1 year old Eliana were not able to join us on this trip.

We have encountered many hardships (baggages not arriving, illness, physical injuries, banking problems, canceled flight, etc.) but had so many beautiful and fun experiences together on the other side. It felt so good not to think about any regular responsibilities for quite a few weeks! We had some memorable visits with old and new friends.

WE ARE THANKFUL to God who allowed this to happen to us this summer!


4 days after we arrived home, Gyuri, Áron and Abigél went to the freshmen camp of Veritas Academy Budapest. Gyuri and Áron led the camp for 22 children. It went well, the kids got familiar with each other, so it was easy to start school the next day, 1st of September. Abigél is in 11th grade, Gyuri is the class teacher for the 10th graders but gives DEVOTIONS in all 3 classes. He LEADS THE CLASS TEACHERS, provides curriculum for them and HELPS IN SHAPING THE SCHOOL to the Principal. He does a lot more than last year. ABIGÉL writes her SAT December 3rd.


OUR CHURCH began to have worship services after the summer break (because we were not home). Slowly people come back. One couple with a little girl left our church because we do not have a group for her. Typical problem of a church plant. We do not have manpower for certain things so people go to places where they get full service. We know the Lord is in control.


We would like to begin a small group for those living in Budapest beside the online group that we had last year. Last Sunday a freshman college student visited our church for the first time. She just moved to Budapest from the countryside. So now Abigél has a pier!!! They had a fun time connecting. Áron is a great help to Gyuri in shaping the church’s culture. We are so thankful that he is now a part time staff in our church.


Gyuri helps a NEARBY CHURCH to state their vision and find their new pastor who will lead them accordingly.


The capital lettered words give you our prayer requests.


We appreciate your financial support and prayers!!!

Without these we would not be able to do this ministry.

Please let us know how we can pray for you!


Serving our LORD in BUDAPEST,

                                                                    GYURI and ANIKÓ

                                                                    ÁRON and ABIGÉL