Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your prayers!!!

The school camp was great, beyond expectation. The weather was not in harmony with the planned program but Gyuri and Áron were able to adopt. The kids loved all games and discussions. They had to make a skit out of the story where Jesus walks on the water. All were laughing to tears. Both classes came home ready for school the next day. Gyuri had a much easier time with the 9th grade class in the school. Another girl came so now they are 11 in the class and only one family is a Christian!

We (all parents) had a wonderful time together in a Coffee Shop last Friday where the principal and Gyuri shared about the school's purposes and values. The parents' meeting started at 17:30 and we left at 21 o'clock. Parents were so active in discussions with us and each other! They already see and report changes in their kid's behavior, openness at home in communication, keeping order in their room, etc. Gyuri enjoys interacting with the kids each day, the are very open, communicative, asking for help.

Gyuri's last year on the Baptist Theological Seminary began on Thursday. So he is in (another) school every week from Thursday to Saturday. 

New prayer request:

September 29-30 the Hungarian Baptist Aid will hold their (our!) leaders' conference where we will be introduced as new staff members who coordinate all the mission efforts to the Baptist schools all over the country. 170 people will be there, leaders of HBA, principals of schools, principals of social institutes.

We have to teach together on dealing with strengths and weaknesses in marriage to all participants. This is to let them get to know us and invite us some time for personal discussion or teaching. Most of this people are not Christians!

We need and appreciate your prayers very much!!!

God bless you,

Gyuri and Anikó