Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

We are currently serving the Lord in the Church of Efrata, and in the Church of Criciova for another determined period of time, waiting for a young pastor to come and take over the ministry there in Criciova. We are grateful to the Lord for all the ministry in Romania, but also the ministry in Ukraine, where we seek to support pastors who work for their brothers, in other churches in the areas where there is war. In Lugoj, the church enjoys peace, but also spiritual growth. We continue to support needy families, elderly or widows who need our love. We remain involved in evangelization and mission in the city and its surroundings. My wife, Gratiela is involved in the activity with the children of the church, but also those outside. We had a baptism in December 2023 and we will have another one  this spring. The church in Criciova experienced spiritual and numerical growth during this period, and teo young people rose from its midst who went to the Theological Institute in Bucharest. Thank you for your prayers and for the love you have for us.
In Christ,