Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,
We want peace and grace to be multiplied in your home and the work of your hands.  It’s been a while since I haven’t written anything to you.  We would like you to know that the work of the Lord is moving forward and they are confident that after this pandemic it will go even better.  We are involved in spiritual activities in the Efrata Church and the church in Criciova where I have been supporting the ministry there for 2 years.  We will see what the Lord has in plan in this direction.  We are also involved in relief work, continuing to help widows with wood and food.  We take care of a new work with the children we bring over our house and study with them. During this period we want to support some families with wood, because this year the legislation has changed, regarding the cutting of forests and the price will increase.  We want to be able to take as much wood as we can and then sharing.  We do not know if we will be able to help in this regard next winter, but because this February is even more relaxed, we want to carry out this project.  If the Lord puts you in the heart to be a part of one of these projects, he asks you to join us.  We wish you health, peace and prosperity in all!

Thank you very much,