Jacob & Rodica Logos – Crivina, Romania

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, 

We wanted to write you a short letter to tell you that my family and the churches that we serve are well.  Even though we are in a pandemic, we thank God that He protected us and we didn’t have any losses.  Also, we rejoice that on May 17, 2020, we had three people baptized in the church of Nadrag.  

We would like to know how you, your family and the churches are doing.  I want to thank you with all of my heart for the support you personally sent us in 2020 and for the support that other people gave us through the Philippian Fellowship.  May God bless you all.  We also pray for all of you.  

We thank you for your prayers.  They have been a blessing for us.  I pray God blesses you in the year 2021.  And if it is God’s will, we will see you in Romania. 

We greet you with I Thess.  5:23,24.

God bless you, Jacob and Rodica