Toni & Lucia Carabas – Pestere, Romania

Peace and blessings to you all! 

I am happy to share with you some updates on our life and ministry. 

My wife Luci and myself are doing well health wise, and on 29th November we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We are thankful to God for this. 

Our children are all married, as you know, and we enjoy our 5 grandchildren: 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. We are grateful to God for this gift. 

Ministry wise, I continue to serve the Lord in the same two churches: Pestere and Teregova - nothing changed. 

In 2021, we had to stop meeting for a month due to COVID-19, but we went back to normal after that. Unfortunately, one of the brothers in the church in Teregova passed away due to this virus. 

Financially, my salary has not increased. Prices have gone up, like everywhere else. 

We prepare to celebrate Harvest in both churches: 9th October in Teregova and 23rd October in Pestere. I will be sending photos later this month. 

In Teregova, we are happy to have a group of young people who lead worship and we hope for a baptism in Pestere - a lady who decided to follow Jesus. 

We started a building project in Pestere: our local authority have finally managed to install a sewage system throughout the village, so we can now have proper toilets. 

Please pray for us, for our evangelistic services and activities, and that God will bring more people to Him. 

Thank  you all for your love. You remain in our prayers. 

God bless

Toni Carabas