Radek & Laura Kolarikovi – Kurim, Czech Republic

April 2022 Kolaříkovi Update

We are still in Maine with my parents, helping them as they battle dad’s esophageal cancer.  Please pray for Dad, as his white blood cells were down last week.  This is his last week of chemo and radiation, and then he should have a month to recover before surgery in Boston.  He continues to serve, minister and witness even in his sickness.  His attitute continues to be a testimony of God’s grace, as he focuses on others, and not himself.

Radek has been blessed with the opportunity to serve from the pulpit a few times at one of our home churches, TVC of Damariscotta.  I will share at our sending church this upcoming Saturday - anyone in the area is welcome to join us at FBC Waldoboro at 8:30 for a women’s breakfast.  

The church in Kuřim has had some amazing sermons by younger, growing brothers in our church while Radek has been gone.  Please pray specifically for Tomas and Josef, young men who desire to serve the Lord in the pastorate one day.  Their sermons are online - but translation is only into russian, for our Ukrainian refugees :):):)

Our sister church in Kroměříž has also been helpful in filling the pulpit before Radek returns home.  The plan is that we stay until the end of May, but should there be a crisis in Kuřim, Radek will head back sooner.

A young believer preparing for baptism has recently had a baby, and his wife has had some serious health issues following that.  The Kuřim church has been serving his family through meals and childcare of his first daughter while he cares for his wife.  Please pray for His wife’s salvation.  

Several more christian Ukrainian families have found refuge in our church in Kuřim.  They have temporary housing, but will need to find more permanent housing as the war continues.  It was already difficult to find housing before the war, but now it is even more challenging.  Please pray.  

Another family is on their way to Kuřim from Russian-controlled Melitopol - they are trying to escape through Crimea, Russia, and then thru Latvia to get to us.  It is a seemingly impossible journey - please pray for their safety.  The last word from them is that they are ok and will hopefully arrive on Thursday the soonest.  The husband is not born again - please pray for their safety and his salvation.  

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer!  

Your prayers and financial support of the Ukrainian church and Ukrainian refugees are making a difference.  We have been able to not only help refugees in our town and other czech towns, but also give generously to churches in Romania and Poland that are reaching out to refugees.  We have been especially pleased to be able to send aid to Ukrainian churches IN Ukraine.  How encouraging to see the church around the world as it joins together in ministering to brothers and sisters in need.  

For those who have read until the end, WE ARE EXPECTING A BABY and are more than halfway there!  After three miscarriages this has been the scariest pregnancy yet, but everything looks fine, and Lord willing we will be able to welcome a baby on the thirteenth of September.

If you are active on Facebook, we have a prayer group there where I post pictures and shorter updates.  Please find me and I will add you there.  

Thank you!

In Christ,

Radek and Laura Kolaříkovi