Radek & Laura Kolarikovi – Kurim, Czech Republic

Hello, dear brothers and sisters, 

Please continue with us steadfastly in prayer.

Please pray for two women who want to be baptized soon - in December - outside in the Kuřim pond.  They are so excited to testify about Christ that they do not want to put it off!

One of the women is facing adversity at home from her parents and relatives because of her decision to follow Christ.  Please pray for her.  

Please pray for our church - starting Monday unvaccinated adults are in lockdown.  They should not be able to come to even to church, however we will be encouraging them to continue to obey Christ and not forsake the assembly of believers.  

The Czech government is currently following the example of Austria, which should mean more government control and less individual freedoms.  Please pray for the church in Austria and Czech, that they will faithfully continue to proclaim Christ, and obey Him, even in adversity.  Christians in this country faced persecution under communism, and the church continued to grow in spite of it.  May the Lord bring many to Him, even now.

The men and women at church continue to grow.  We had another intensive biblical counseling training for the women, and the men had another intensive on biblical eldership.  

We had several young people come stay with us from Prague and from the eastern mountains.  We love every opportunity to pour our lives into others - especially those who are hungry to grow in knowing God.  

This last Sunday the church was crowded to overflowing because of several groups of visitors - who have been following us online or have met us in evangelisms.  We will need to purchase new chairs soon.

There are 4 more people who are in the process of becoming members - in addition to the women who will be baptized. 

Please pray for the husband of one of our members who is not a believer - he has come to bible study several times, and his wife is by God’s grace a good witness to him.  

The mom of some children who come for Bible clubs just came to Bible study for the first time this week, as well!  We have been fervently praying for her salvation with the children at weekly Bible clubs - they were so excited to have their mom learn about the Bible with them on Thursday night Bible study!

Please pray now especially for Radek, as he is facing a lot of pressure on several fronts.  Pray that he would seek godly wisdom with future decisions, that he would counsel others with grace and truth, and that the Lord would be glorified and the church edified through his ministry.  

The children are well!  Jimmy is now 8 and has just lost another tooth.  Timmy is loving kindergarten, and Grace and Lizzie are really enjoying taking turns teaching him to read.  David is struggling under his course load of American and Czech school - in a few weeks he and Grace will have testing - it will be good once they have it behind themselves.  

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers.  

We love you and look forward to hearing from you.

If you would be able to send us a Christmas card, the children would LOVE IT.  Here is our address:


Smetanova 572

Kurim 66434

Czech Republic

If you would like a christmas card/ prayer card from US, please send me a message with YOUR address.

In Christ,