Radek & Laura Kolarikovi – Kurim, Czech Republic

Dear prayer partners,

It has been a wonderful few days back home in Czech.  We got here at night on Wednesday, and our wonderful neighbor drove us home.  We stayed up late talking with them, and had them over the next day, and the next, and the next.  We love our neighbors dearly, and they are growing deeper in the faith, serving, evangelizing - they are an amazing encouragement to us.  What a blessing that God placed them in our lives!

We hit the ground running and have been busy getting back into ministry here.  The children are getting back into their sports and music activities and spending time with friends they have missed.  

At church today we had several new people.  Two are young christians who left their false-teaching former church and found our church on the internet.  The other is the husband of a woman who had started to come to church and bible study this spring.  We were praying for her husband to believe - and he came to church today!  He heard the gospel, received a Bible, and said he wants to turn away from his old way of life to Jesus.  Please pray for him!  Pray for true repentance and growth.

All three of them are Roma!  We love the Roma/ gypsy people, and are so happy the Lord has brought new people from their people group into our church. 

Thank you for your prayers!  


Laura, for the EIGHT of us 😉

I’m five weeks along - feeling pretty nauseous - and after losing two babies this last year, I struggle with fear - I need to trust that God IS good and He does good - thank you for praying for us!