Radek & Laura Kolarikovi – Kurim, Czech Republic


the gospel that has come to you...
is bearing fruit and growing all over the world...
Col 1:5–6
Dear prayer partners,

greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are currently visiting our family in Maine, which we did not see for two years and we wanted to take a moment to give you a short update about what is going on back in Czech.

The church in Kurim is by God’s grace doing well and growing in depth and number. Year ago we started preaching verse by verse thru the gospel of Matthew on Sundays and so far we made it to chapter 9. On our midweek bible studies we are making our way thru Systematic Theology.

Group of about fifteen ladies still meets once a month for several hours to study biblical counseling. It is very encouraging to see women of all ages to diligently study the word of God, work on their homework and faithfully spiritually stimulating one another.

We also started men’s leadership training program at our church for our men and that majority of our men joined! We meet with them once a month for couple hours. The purpose of this program is to raise up men who would be godly leaders in their homes and church. We also have a small group in our church that does street evangelism once a week and it is very encouraging to see how God is strengthening their faith as well as some of the responses from people that they talk to in the streets.

Men's leadership training group.
Even though we did not see any fruit from the street evangelism yet, God sends us people thru different venues, so we have new visitors in the church almost every Sunday. Most often people come, because they are tired of not being feed God’s Word in their church. They start looking online for healthy biblical teaching, come across Kurim’s church sermons, listen to some and then join us for Sunday worship. Some of them stay and become members and that is really encouraging. Our church currently has 31 members and 8 brothers and sisters who are in the process of becoming new members.

There would be many God glorifying stories to share, but let me close with two recent ones, which I think will serve also for your encouragement well.

Couple years ago, Laura started talking and evangelizing to one lady that she meet at kids play ground. Even thought Laura invited her for Sunday worship many times, she could not come, because her husband would not let her. That all changed recently, when her husband divorced her and left her with her children. She started coming not just for Sunday worship, but also for women's small groups and midweek bible studies and as far as we can tell, it really seems that God has saved her from her sins and adopted her to His family. She doesn’t only wants to be baptized and join our church, but she is already joyfully paying the price of following Christ. You see, she lives with her in-laws who are R not happy about her coming to our church. There was a moment when it seemed that they would kick her out. Her response was that it is all right if they do, she is not going to stop coming to a place that preaches the Bible and among people who love the Lord.

Right before we came over here, we had a man in his thirties showed up in our church. As we found out from talking with him afterwards, he grew up in non-Christian family like the majority of Czechs. Some time ago he picked up a Bible and started reading it. From there he started looking for a church that would teach the Bible and after some time he came across of Kurim sermons, he listened to them and he came. The really neat thing is, that when we talked to him, he said he believes that God created us, that we have sinned against Him, that we deserve to be punished for our sins and that the only one, who can help us is Jesus Christ. When I asked him how did he figure out all of this, his reply was that he read it in the book (Bible). He is coming to our church regularly now for last couple weeks and we cannot wait to come back to Czech to see him again and meet his family, that he would like to bring to church as well.

We praise God for His work among Czech people and for allowing us to serve on His vineyard. We would like to ask you for your prayers! For the people above and many others who heard the gospel, for our church and for our family.
If you been in church for some time, you know that there are struggles along the way as well and it’s the same in Kurim. So please keep us in your prayers.

Recent youth group retreat to which I was invited with Laura to teach.
August '21 - Church retreat with likeminded churches.
Please let us know how we can pray for you, as well.
We love you and give thanks to God for you,In Christ Jesus,
Radek and Laura Kolaříkovi
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