Ion & Nina Bordea

Valea Argovei, ROMANIA

The Bordea family, Ion and Nina have served the Lord as a missionary pastor since 2003 in Sinesti. The Lord blessed the church plant there and helped us build a house of prayer. In September 2011 the opportunity was given to start a new work in the town of Valea Argovei. Ion and Nina along with a group of folks from Hope Baptist in Fundulea began this ministry. We saw many attending and getting saved and have purchased a piece of property with a small house on it to worship in. We have plans to build a new church building and are waiting on building permits to be issued.

Ion had a bad accident falling off of a roof in 2013 while helping someone in Sinesti, and was in a coma for three days, and the hospital for a few weeks. Due to this accident he is no longer able to pastor the church he loves and helped establish. We asked those that support this family at the time of the accident to continue supporting this family even if they will not be able to lead this ministry in the future and we want to take this opportunity to thank those involved with the Philippian Fellowship that faithfully sustains them through prayer, visits, and financial support.