Beni & Gratiela Indru


Pastor Beni saw the need in his city for an evangelical presence, so he began a house church in 2001. The house church grew to 45 people and was full when all 45 people were present.  For several years, the people of Efrata, alongside many others, were enabled by the Lord to construct a new building to better serve the growing church body and to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ in their local community.

For a number of years, the Indrus, in addition to ministry and family responsibilities, operated a car wash. Due to the challenging weather and seasonal nature of the business, income was often unpredictable and is now closed.  Gratiela also was a teacher in the local high school in order to help supplement their income, and in more recent times, has taught at a nearby Christian school where the three Indru children also attend.

The Morrill Baptist Church, Morrill, Maine, has a sister-church relationship with Efrata and assists with the Indru family support.  A few individuals and families are also assisting in this way.  During a number of the past years since 2003, mission teams have traveled from the Morrill Church to help with some basic construction needs of the new Efrata building. The project is nearing completion with an off-Street parking area being developed.

FACEBOOK: Search for: Efrata Church, Lugoj, Romania - by using the “photo” icon on that site, many pictures of ministry work can be viewed.

Please pray for the Indru family and Efrata Church. Your consideration of how the Lord may use you in helping meet their needs and ministry work would be, and is, greatly appreciated!