Zoltan & Lujzi Kovacs


Érdliget Bible Fellowship

Our local responsibilities here Hungary have increased while we are trying to share our activities with our fellow Christian leaders, colleagues. Our 75-member church, founded 16 years ago, is attended by around 100 people, and we proclaim the Gospel to the conversion of people, to the strengthening of our testimony. Our elder led congregation’s main focus this year is to strengthen our fellowship, manifested both in preaching and missionary programs, as well as in church summer camps.

We just concluded purchasing part of the neighboring plot (19.5 million HUF, or $65,000 USD ) as we begin a construction project for a new santuary with a capacity of 150 - 200, We do not have the resources for the consytruction and are preyerfully trusting God’s provision. The preliminary budget of the construction is HUF 170 million ($590,000 USD).

Menedek Alapitvany (Shelter Foundation)

We continue our ministry at Menedek (Shelter Foundation). ( We have been able to operate as a non-profit legal entity. In the ministry, we provide 65 homeless people in homes, 80 children in residential care institutions, 210 children in our school and kindergartens, and 100 lunches in our kitchen free of charge each day.

The total number of senior staff is 63, all of whom consider it important to follow Christ in their own lifestyles. We planted two Baptist congregations in Bodrog and Kiskunmaja Hungarian towns where our minstry thrives. One year ago, Gábor Liptai, my colleague, took over the management of operative work since the beginning of the Church's reservation. I am a member of a three-member board, so we work together.

This year we are budgeting the renovation of a kitchen-equipped facility at our Refuge City in Kiskunmajsa, HUF 100 million ($345,000USD)  for which we have a license, but our current cash reserves is still below 15% of the target. At this very facility the local small Baptist church comes together regularly, homeless people hear the gospel, and their spiritual and physical needs are met.

We give God thanks for all your support! We pray that the needy people know Jesus, give their lives to Him, and that we can modernize the community building. Thank you for doing our service.

We are also grateful that members of the families of our children (4 children) (16 persons) follow and honor Jesus Christ, only the glory of God alone.

Kovács Zoltán Károly and Lujzi