Laszlo & Katalin Nagy

Obarok, Hungary

Pastor Laszlo Nagy and his wife Katalin are involved deeply in a variety of ministries, like School Bible Lessons, and children programmes around their village. Laszlo regularly shares the pulpit on Sunday in their church in Pilisvorosvar (45kms from their home).

Sometimes they are asked for guest ministry in different churches of Hungary. They have four teenager sons. Laszlo and Katalin are looking forward to seeing their sons as commitment servants of the Lord.

They experienced God’s grace in several ways in last years. Finding God’s gift in people’s life, the mission has a more exciting period there. More are involved in different ministry areas and they can see growing in love and in number. Their church regularly helps homeless and needed people with food, clothes, firewood and work. After the war crisis in Ukraine started the couple have been involving helping Ukrainian refugees, as Katalin originially graduated as a Russian language teacher and the refugees speak this language, too. The church usually have mission programmes for children, film clubs, and regular midweek prayer groups at different families’ house. (

Now they rent a building, which is a miracle with a friendly price and convenient also for Sunday Schools, midweek prayer and serving groups’ meetings.

The very catholic leadership of the town had not let them to rent other buildings, lands, and organize public programmes at the properties of the town. In 2016 by God’s grace the church could buy a land. On this property they planned a church building and after a 3 years process they received the permissions for the construction of this mission building. They could start it, why they bless the Lord!

They appreciate others’ prayers and help in the background for having enough financial support to complete the building project and that the spiritual building of living stones could grow in the same time for God’s glory.

The family travels a lot serving God and they appreciate prayer and financial support of others. They are a great testimony of faith in action. They rely on the Lord for His provisions.

While they were facing with not a few troubles on the road of ministry, God’s people through Philippian Fellowship encouraged them in many ways for what they praise our Lord Jesus.