Radek & Laura Kolarikovi


Radek and Laura Kolaříkovi are church-planting in Kuřim, Czech Republic. They are closely involved in the local church that God has formed in their town under their care: evangelism, discipleship, biblical counseling, leadership development, preaching, teaching and shepherding.

Radek received training from his home church in Prague, internship at Word of Life, bachelor’s from Liberty U. and master’s from seminary in Berlin.

A Brief History of the Church in Kuřim

The work in Kuřim began in 2001, when Radek was called to start a Bible Club with a few boys whom the Lord had recently saved at the summer camp where he was working. Over the process of several years of evangelism and discipleship, with help from our sending churches in the US and under the oversight of the church we were attending at the time, a new church was born in 2009.

The church faced many issues from the beginning, but God is ever faithful, and His Word is ever sufficient to bring answers to every trial the church encounters. Biblical wisdom from older pastors and missionaries have been used by God to mold us through the years, and though many of those ministers have been called on to glory, we continue to grow under the guidance of others God sends our way.

What the Ministry Looks Like Today

The church meets regularly throughout the week in worship services, Bible studies, leadership development groups, Mommy groups, and Bible clubs. Our church loves to be together to fellowship and share testimonies, so our home as well as other members‘ homes are frequently open to the church and to non-believers. Many in the church are first-generation believers, so living life together is essential for their growth.

Praise be to God that many in the church have a zeal for the lost, and are involved in witnessing to family, friends, coworkers, and in weekly evangelistic outreaches on the streets of Kuřim and Brno. May God bring growth to the seeds that have been scattered.

Our church is also involved in assisting at conferences, Bible schools and church retreats. In the past we also put on English Clubs at the local school and English and Sports Camps with members from our sending churches, but because of the pandemic we have had to put those off until the hopeful future.

Our church has begun financially supporting Radek, with a goal to reach full support in the near future. The church would like to not only support their own pastor, but be able to raise up elders who can plant new churches that are without a gospel witness. People have written us from all over Czech asking to send people to minister to them.

How We Would Ask You to Pray

We are completely dependent on God’s grace to move forward in the ministry, and would ask that you join us in faithful prayer.

Please pray for the church –

for growth and protection

         for a passion for all the members to reach the lost

for each member to find a ministry and serve in the church as the Lord calls them

         for wisdom for the elders as they make decisions during the pandemic

Please pray for the lost –

for those who have heard the gospel during street evangelism or from their neighbors, friends and coworkers who are a part of the church

for those who have not yet heard the gospel

for those who are in false religions and cults in our area

for those who hear the Word preached through our youtube channel- during the pandemic many have come to hear the good news online

Please pray for our family –

for our children to know the Lord and to grow in Him (David 2.16.08; Grace 12.14.09; Lizzie 10.17.11; Jimmy 11.14.13; Timmy 4.10.16)

for growth, wisdom, strength and endurance for Radek and Laura

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, encouragement and support. We need the body, and are so thankful He has placed you in our lives. If you would let us know you are praying for us, it would be a great encouragement. We thank God for you, and pray that He will use you for His name wherever you are.

In Christ Jesus,

Radek and Laura

Smetanova 572, Kurim, 66434, Czech Republic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/krestanekurim
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4n0OOeqW0Dg8RijaboeNXo