Lojza & Maruska Klepacek


  • Local church

For the past 14 years, Lojza has been a pastor of the Biblické společenství křesťanů (BSK) http://krestanekromeriz.cz in Kroměříř. The pastoral ministry was, and still is the major focus of Lojza’s ministry. God blessed this small church revitalization since it started in 2007, and BSK is now stable united body of believers with strong leadership, and serving people. The goal in the upcoming years is to build a stronger evangelistic and disciple making culture at BSK Kroměříž, built and install more leaders and deacons through the CBI training ministry that the elders of BSK started.

  • Training - CBI and conferences

Over the years, Lojza and his co-elder Lance Roberts saw a need for training future leaders and pastors. Therefore, the Czech Bible institute (CBI) http://biblickyinstitut.cz) was founded as a means of training and equip future leaders. CBI is a ministry of BSK, but the programs were also offered to other churches as well. As a result, the ministry grew and it has become another focus of Lojza’s ministry as he functions as a director of this church based training ministry. CBI is now part of TMAI network, which provides academic assistance for the CBI and other institutions. The goal of BSK and CBI is to train people for the ministry in the local churches and send some to plant new churches in Czech, if Lord permits. CBI and BSK also organize an annual conference that serves wider church in Czech Republic. It built its strength in different areas, like family and marriage, discipleship, church etc.

  • Church planting

BSK has already started their firs church plant in Ostrava. This opportunity arose out of a group of people that started to travel to Kromeriz church (BSK). It seems only natural to enter into opportunities God seems to be opening. Kromeriz church plant in Ostrava is now meeting for weekly bible studies and started a Sunday service once a month. Currently, an alder is being in the process of ordination, who will be sent to pastor and care for this church plant. After second elder will be installed, the church plant will be completely on its own, and it will be time to start another church in another area if Lord permits.

  • Family

Lojza is blessed with a faithful support of his wife Mruška and their two daughters Ester (12) and Daniela (10). With many responsibilities that Lojza carries, and ministry opportunities that God opened, Klepacek’s decided it is best if Maruska stays home which is contrary to the common cultural expectations. They trust God with the material needs, as Maruska fully supports Lojza and raises their daughters. The FP is making that possible and maximizes the ministry opportunities that Klepacek’ have and enables Lojza to pastor the church, and lead the training centre as it demands much of his energy and time.