Josef Sponar



My name is Josef Sponar. I was born to a believing family and when I was around 12 I believed in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. From that moment God continues to teach me how to live for his glory and grow in sanctification.

I have been a member of Krestane Kurim church since 2018, where, thanks to God’s mercy, I can serve using gifts and talents given by God. I have great joy in leading and teaching in Kids club, leading book/Bible study groups, helping others with informal biblical counseling, and participating in street evangelism. I also help with the management of our social media department, the production of audio-visual materials for Christian education, and any other administration or maintenance work that is needed.

In addition to my ministry in Kurim, I completed Foundations of the Faith levels 1 and 2 at The Czech Bible institute and received my bachelors degree at Brno university (IT management in 2021).

My long term desire is to serve God as a full time elder and serve in the ministry of the local church with the goal of planting other churches. Recently my elders offered me an opportunity to have an internship (composed of things I have already been doing) to mentor me in the process of elder affirmation. This discipleship under my pastors will also be supplemented by studying for the MDiv program at the European Bible Training Center.