Karen & Ruben Popet – Beraca Orphanage in Jdioara, Romania

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

October, 2021

God has answered our prayer and brought someone to help the children with their homework.

They really like her. She has a heart for children and can get more of their potential out of them. We are so thankful for her. So far, everyone is going to school in person except for one class. They will be back in person next week. We continue to pray that no other classes will need to go online. The children do so much better when they are in school.

Last weekend we took all the children and teenagers to some friends of ours in another village to have a cook-out and fellowship together. They had three dogs which kept the attention of our boys for most of the afternoon. There was also have a huge backyard where the children played soccer and basketball. Our children and teenagers always like to get out of the village and go on trips. It makes the weekend more enjoyable for them.

Some young people have started to come once a week to play with our children and teenagers. They also sing with them and spend time talking with them. Everyone looks forward to their visits. We are thankful for their generous hearts to give of themselves to our children. They are walking out their faith in a practical way.

We continue to do renovations to the orphanage. We replaced the floor and ceiling in two of the bedrooms. We also bought some new couches to replace the very well-used ones in the dining/living room. And we were given some new cabinets which we have put in a bedroom. Some men from another nearby church came and put in new fixtures in the boys’ bathroom as well. And, with the new paint jobs in the rooms and hallway, the orphanage looks much better.

Every couple of weeks, we receive donations from the food bank in Timisoara. It helps cut our expenses for our food bank as well as at the orphanage. We also were blessed with a lot of meat last week from a man that we had never met. He owns a butcher shop and had wanted to bless an orphanage with some meat. He knew a friend of ours in Timisoara who told him about us. One Sunday he showed up with a trunk full of meat. It was such a blessing and so delicious, too. God continues to supply our needs in so many ways.

Thank you for being one of those ways through your prayers and giving. Both are so important. Thank you for being part of God’s work here.

With our love,
Ruben, Karen & Bianca

Beraca Foundation, P.O. Box 674, Jacksonville, IL 62651; karenpopet@gmail.com