Josef Sponar – Kurim, Czech Republic


First of all, I’m very grateful to Our Lord Jesus Christ, that He enabled me to do full time ministry. Your support is the answer to the more than three years of prayers. It is a great encouragement to me that right after I finished my bachelor’s degree in IT management, I was able to enter the internship program at our church. By God’s grace I started to study in the MDiv program at EBTC (European Bible Training Center). Through the last courses I was especially edified by a deeper understanding of Trinity. The recent course on Pastoral Ministry II is encouraging by showing me our need for other people in the ministry and calling to be open about our lives and the ministry. Also Pastoral Ministry II emphasized the great commission as the priority of every church. Please pray that I will apply all learned things to my life so I may be an encouragement for my brothers and sisters here in Kurim.

Except my normal duties, I was blessed by God to help at the church camp of our church and four other sister churches. At the same time I had one on-site class I attended at EBTC in Berlin. The last Sunday of August it was my joy to preach as a backup for our elder, who was not able to preach that Sunday. I’m also preparing for next Sunday to continue in the verse-by-verse exposition of the first letter of Peter. Simultaneously I have to finish an intensive Greek language course by the 20th of November so I can join Greek Exposition by the end of November. I’m very excited to study at this school, even if it is a lot of work.

One encouraging thing was that I recently had the opportunity to explain the Gospel to eight young teenagers at our church during street evangelism. Please pray for those kids, so that God will open their eyes to their sin and needines of Christ, and for wisdom of how to follow up with them.

Our greatest need and prayer in this busy time is for enough strength to maintain and prioritize godly character, so my brothers and I will not be disqualified after preaching to others (1 Cor 9:27).

Thank you so much for your generous support and prayers!