Josef Sponar – Kurim, Czech Republic

December Update

Hello everybody,
Thanks God I can see how kids on kids club are growing, even when they are wild and very eager to win every game. They are open to share. On one of last kids clubs One little girl answered many answers during kids talk and received a lot of candy, but she gave them all out to her friends, she took only one for her. (I would never do that in her age.)On youth group, please pray for my simplicity of each talk, because my talks are often to technical. Pray that all teens would benefit from teaching and friendships.

Please pray for my growth in humility and holiness. I see How much i am lacking in this area.

Our Christmas in the church were great. I was happy we were able to buy very nice booklets for our youth. Also we had very nice end of a year in the Church.

Thank you for more than year of your support! I have been blessed by finding one family from Australia that donates the rest of my year budget for my internship purposes.

Now the greatest need I have, is some rental place where I will move to live. I would like to move as close as possible to the church. So I can save up time and money on commute.

I am sorry, I don’t have good pictures to send.

Thank you very much!