Josef Sponar – Kurim, Czech Republic

November update:

Hello everybody,

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Thanks to God i was able to witness to people on the streets around our church. We are dealing with some hard counselling issues in our church recently. So patience, love and wisdom is needed.

I am encouraged by one street evangelism, i had opportunity to share the gospel with some people, especially i had 30 minutes talk with four teenagers and they were listening and asking questions, pray for them.

Please pray for one guy whom i counsel, he is not very zealous for the Lord. I need more wisdom and patience.

I am really glad how our youth group is going as well as kids club.

You can pray for our future eldership and love of people for Jesus, so that more people would go and would be active in sharing their faith.

As I am gathering support for next year i am missing 33% percent of my salary (aprox. 330 usd). Please pray for my wisdom, I am not sure if I should just wait for God to provide or go and find a part time job. Through few first months of the year 2023 I have to find some rental apartment, because my agreement with parents is ending, and it will be better to not prolong it. 

Please feel free to share with me your prayer requests,

Josef Sponar