Josef Sponar – Kurim, Czech Republic


In last three months, my focus was oriented mainly on the Intense Biblical Greek Course, that I had to take in order to continue to Greek Exegesis. Thanks God, I can continue to the next year of Greek and grow in understanding of God’s word.

Except of very demanding Greek studies, I had an opportunity to finish Church planting class. This class was very encouraging, many brothers shared their testimonies and ways of evangelism and discipleship. It provided me a long-term view of possible ministry opportunities in Czech Republic. Two of the reading assignments for this class, were books from Alexander Strauch (Leading with love, Agape Leadership). These books are the most encouraging takeaway from the course. They greatly convicted me in my low view of love in contrast to skills that often seems more important. But Christ-like love is the most important for any part of Christian life!

Also, I had an opportunity to start expository sermon series of the first epistle of Peter. Here is a YouTube link:

From the last time, I tried to get in touch with the youth I was able to witness in the end of August, but without success.

Thankfully, we were able to start organizing the Kids Bible club every week (as an intern I can dedicate more time to it), and now we are going through the story of Saul and David. Kids can see that every decision has its basis in their heart. As we teach the kids every week, they remember much more than before. Please pray for those children, some of them are from unbelieving families and it would be great blessing if they could know Jesus as their Lord and Savior from their early years. Parents of one of these kids stopped responding on our interaction and invitations to the kids club, you can also pray for him.

At the end, please pray for us to discern where should be our priorities. And for our diligence, pure heart, love and humility that is essential in the God-glorifying ministry.

If you have any prayer requests, I will be happy to pray with you. You can contact me at my email:

Thank you for your prayers and your generous support.