Josef Sponar – Kurim, Czech Republic

Hello everybody,

In this ministry update I would like to share, how things are going in our church and my life. It is great to know, that there are brothers and sisters across the globe, who are praying for us and for the ministry to God in Czech Republic. I thank God for all your support for the financial as well as for your prayers. It is him, our God, who give us strength to serve and pray. Since start of this school year there have been some changes and new ways how our church can serve.

First new thing is our youth group in which there are about 15 people, we are meeting three Fridays in the month and now we are finishing the letter to Ephesians. I am challenged and encouraged to move from sermon-style preaching to the kids to more bible-study like, concept of youth talks. Our main goal of youth group is to help kids would become better disciples using three basic means of grace: Scripture, prayer, fellowship. In the rest of the year 2023, we would like to help kids to use church, pray for each other and study word of God on they own and share their outcomes with others. In the next year I would like to invite more kids from our town.

Second thing that slightly changed is, that I can teach hermeneutics to our brothers once in a month on study group. Our aim is to help brothers to grow in godliness and understanding of the word of God, so they are better equipped in leadership of their families. To reach this goal it includes not only teaching of hermeneutics, but also accountability and mid-month follow up in small groups.

Third and last new thing is our summer day camp. Please pray for a lot of kids to attend to hear and respond to the gospel as well as for our good planning of the camp. Our theme is welcome to the jungle.

Kids club is still great fun for both kids and teachers. We are encouraged by proceeding from the Old Testament stories to the Gospels. Kids learn about Jesus and what it means to follow him. It is encouraging to see how much they remember. Pretty much all kids know the gospel and they are very attentive during classes. Please pray for them so they will also believe the gospel and live it out. I am encouraged by changes and progress of some kids, when it comes to their sharing of candies and temper during games.

You can pray for our church; we have received an offer to buy the building where we meet. We are praying for wisdom in this decision and for resources, cause this building is over our budget. More than the building, our church needs plurality of godly elders. In Europe there are not many publications or materials concerning church internship and elders’ preparation, I would like to prepare one, for future interns of our church. Now I realize that for creating document like this, it would be helpful to define well church with its ministries. You can pray for my wisdom in this area.

In studies, now I need to finish two courses and third one is coming soon. It is great encouragement and a lot of things I learn I can put in to practice right away. Old Testament review helped me to see whole story of the Bible even more vivid. Preaching lab at CBI helps me to refine my preaching composition and rhetorical skills. Exposition of Romans is motivating me to be more diligent with the original languages (diagraming the passages with line diagrams and phrasing all words in preached passage, which is something I was not doing before). This class also made me appreciate Gospel more, because of the content included in book of Romans as well as because of exploring city of Rome and its catholic background.

Speaking of the original languages, I am keeping up with my Greek by translating one verse per day and by continuous reading of Greek textbooks. I am aware of the great cost of my studies, and I am diligently striving for better understanding of them. At the end of this year, we will start going through Hebrew grammar, so I went ahead and bought one textbook to study little bit ahead to prepare my brain for it. Please pray that all knowledge of the Scripture will serve to encourage others and not for puffing up of my ego. Next class, we are going to take is marriage and family counseling, you can pray that I will study this class with a right attitude despise I am single and without family.

In my personal life, please pray for my purity and contentment of being single, especially now with the marriage class coming up. Also, you can pray for my elder-like character, wisdom concerning marriage, and for godly wife. I am happy that I can witness people about Christ through participation at basketball trainings and street evangelization in my personal time, please pray for boldness in sharing Christ.

Again, thank you for all your support. If there is anything, how can I pray for you or help you, please let me know at: It would be great honor for me to serve you.  See couple photos from our ministry below.

God bless you,


Kids club teaching on the transfiguration


One more picture from kid’s club


Photo from youth conference of our youth group and youth from Ostrava church plant


Photo from Rome study trip and exposition of the book of Romans


Photo from Rome with my brothers, sharing gospel with one Roman catholic


Here are two pictures from my studies at CBI and EBTC