Jacob & Rodica Logos – Crivina, Romania

(As written by the daughter of Jacob Logos)

I'm going send you a little update about my Dad and all the situation with the war. The situation in Ukraine is not great at all. The refugees are more and more every day. Near to us, there are two Christian camp’s, Surduc and Susani, where there are many Ukrainian  people. Most of them are just passing through Romania going to their relatives or friend in Italy, Poland or Germany, but others are just waiting for the war to end, so they can go back home to Ukraine. They are so desperate.

Last Sunday we have a special meeting in the Cireșu and the Nădrag churches. We took offerings designated for the Ukraine situation. Monday , Dad went to both missionary camps and took the money . Yesterday, because it was International women's day, Mom , Dad and I went to the camps and took to everyone a flower and a chocolate.

We place our faith in God and continue to pray. I will keep you posted.

Thank you for everything. God bless you all.