Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,

God created the Moon and stars to help us measure time, to distinguish seasons, special Holidays. Easter is at the corner. Last Sunday Gyuri shared about Jesus’s ministry in a nutshell from a follower’s perspective. It was so interesting how he had no idea what was going on and was going to happen soon. But at the end, after resurrection, it all came together and made sense.

Our life looks like that. Most times we have no idea what is going on in us, with us, and around us. This is how we can sum up our last year. There are parts we still don’t understand.

Since January in our CHURCH we feel like the tides began to move. Every Sunday there is a new person visiting. And some stayed. PTL. Our Budapest cell group is going very well. In the near future we would like begin one group in Érd, since more than 10 of us live there. Gyuri began a preparation group for those who want to be baptized – including our daughter, Abigel. This is exciting!

We spend more and more time meeting people personally, because our goal is not building a church but helping people to grow in their faith and conform to the image of Christ. We believe if this happens, the church will eventually grow.

The leadership of the Hungarian Baptist Union asked Anikó to do a RESEARCH among pastor’s wives. This is going to be a year project (payed!) and by the end we want to see how they are doing, how (if) they were prepared for this role, what unmet needs they have and how we can help them to be fruitful in there special calling. I (Anikó) did not have any desire to have any responsibility outside of our church, but the Lord convinced me with this verse: get up …and walk (Jn 5:8). I’m excited because this group of people is on my heart. I personally know most of them. I know nobody has paid much attention to them lately. Lot of them are struggling with small kids, family life, busy husbands and ministry expectations. I’m curious what the Lord will bring out this project.

Gyuri in January said good-bye to VERITAS High School. Students were crying. Parents wrote nice thank you letters to him. It was hard but we knew this was the right decision for us to make. Abigél is frustrated with the school. She does not get the education we hoped for. Last weekend we got a promise that she can take the Hungarian final exams in another High School (theirs is still not qualified for that) so she could study in a Hungarian College for free. She will not be prepared for these exams in her school so she began to go to a private math teacher in Érd. We are very thankful for her!!! In 120 minutes she covered 8 lectures with Abigél. Now she just has to practice it. For now, we have no idea why the Lord took her to that school… We hope to understand it someday.



Thank you for supporting us to take the GOSPEL to the Hungarian people,

Gyuri and Anikó