Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Our favorite month is May. Not only because we got married in May 35 years ago but because nature is so beautiful in May. So much green, flowers, smells, birds, new life everywhere! We love all of it.

These past months have been very difficult emotionally for us.

When we read Mt 11:28 “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” we realized we were very tired and heavy laden. Not physically only but emotionally also. …

This spring 2 young couples and a single man joined our church. We are grateful for them. We are still about 14 present on Sundays and about that many join in on Zoom. Last week nobody joined in to zoom midweek small group. Very difficult to get people involved. Will this change in the future or is this the new Christian era we have to face and bear with? We have a lot of questions, many without answers. Last Pentecost Sunday we had a fun excursion in the mountains.


Baptist teachers’ fellowship in Pécs was visited by 2-5 teachers and some church members. One teacher joined the church that provided their facility for us. Hallelujah! Tomorrow Anikó will talk with them about the future of it. Budapest fellowship did not really get going. First time 2 churchgoer teachers came, 2nd and 3rd time nobody. Meanwhile, Anikó decided to stop serving with Hungarian Baptist Aid, and Gyuri suspended his work with them until the end of August. Since we have many unaddressed questions about their methods and values, we thought it would be better to devote some time to finding answers before we continue working together.

Pastors’ Training goes on. We’ll go away with 7 pastor couples for the first week of July. We’ll talk about the marriage and family life of pastors. Half of them have 3-4 small children and their marriage suffers. Pray for new understanding, new bounding, and new practices in everyday life.

In Veritas Academy High School things are not easier than in other areas of our ministry. Gyuri last week went away with his class for 2 days, and he took Áron with him. He came home so discouraged. The kids decided about all the programs and in the end, they complained and did not want to participate. They used very bad language and behaved in bad manners. Gyuri was shocked. It looks like they keep values only in the classroom while they are watched. What a challenge to work with them and not to give up!

We pray that this summer as we spend 6 weeks away the Lord would visit us and give us some rest and a new spark for the ministry, He calls us to.

It feels like we are going alone against the wind.

It is OK if ours is the right direction.


- Exam time for Gyuri till the end of June

- European Mission Conference in Budapest June 8-11

- End High School year on June 17

- Church retreat June 23-26. We canceled it for lack of interest!

- High School teachers’ retreat in Transylvania June 27- July 1

- Pastor couples’ week July 3-8

- We leave for the States on July 9

- A meaningful week together as a family from July 10 till July 16

We need and appreciate your prayers!

In Christ love,

Gyuri and Anikó Varga from Hungary