Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,

We are doing fine. 3 of us went through Covid-Omikron in February with mild symptoms. One week off duties felt good for Gyuri. Anikó enjoys her Thursday mornings with our granddaughter Eliana (9 months), what a blessing! Aron works hard to make our church friendlier and enjoyable on zoom. Abigel works hard in school and searches her future (she is very good in too many areas).

Church grows very slowly, it looks like Covid destroyed fellowships big time. People can find most everything online except fellowship but still very difficult to get them out of their home. Sunday we can’t be in our rented place so we’ll be in somebody’s home garden. It looks like 14 adults and 8 children will celebrate Easter together. Many people visit their family at this time.

Our Baptist Aid teacher’s fellowships are established in 2 cities (Pécs, Budapest). 2-5 teachers came each time so far. Our teammates are blown away with the Ukrainian crisis. Most of them are out at the border or downtown Budapest where the refuges arrive. We as a family (Aron and Anikó) help the President of Baptist Aid Hungary. The parents do so much that they can’t pay enough attention to their children. Their daughter (9 y) studies nearby in Diósd. We pick her up at the school, bring her to our home, help in her studies and when her older brother arrives home, we drive her home to Castle hill Budapest every school day.

In Veritas Academy Budapest High School Gyuri had a couple class teacher times with the 2 classes where teachers who were in post graduate studies visited. They gave him very good feedbacks. One especially wrote that this experience gave her a new understanding and perspective on being a class teacher. Very encouraging but there is much struggle and tension about how the school is run. Much to pray for.

Meanwhile we are preparing our summer visit to the States. All our family (7 of us) goes to spend a week together in July with Samuel and Audrey. We have not seen each other in 3 years. We were not able to attend their wedding due to Covid but this summer we hope we spend a good time together and visit their wedding place. That would be a dream come true for us!

Gyuri as the director of the Pastor’s Training Institute got an opportunity to enhance the program with new projects for pastors. Please pray for wisdom for him!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!


Gyuri and Anikó from BUDAPEST, Hungary