Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear friends,

Let us share with you what are the circumstances, challenges we face and some things we are thankful.

COVID-19 pandemic is very bad nowadays here in Europe and in Hungary. Hospitals are full, death rate is worse than before among those who were not vaccinated. Teenagers and younger children are infected. This morning Anikó visited an elementary school where half of the classes are home in quarantine studying online. In 2 schools there were children who lost their fathers, from another school a 12 years old boy was in intensive care. We ask you to pray for us that we would remain healthy and be able to talk about the goodness of God.

New challenge for Anikó came when she was spending time with God. She felt the Spirit moving her to personally visit 37 school teachers and principals before Christmas asking how they were doing, praying for them and giving them a book as a gift (J.I. Packer : Knowing God). She has met 4 of them so far, all were thankful and open to talk. Some meetings were cancelled because of COVID.

Gyuri enjoys being the class teacher for 9 graders. Parents and students are grateful for him! There are many challenges with non-believer teachers in the school and it is very difficult to find qualified high school teachers who can teach in English. The National Office for Education gives the principal a hard time with registration and an official visit which they should not do in the first 5 years by law.

Gyuri also is a student again on the Baptist Theological Seminary. He skipped last year because of our building project. This is his last year for Master diploma. Also, he has to write an 80 pages Thesis. Please pray for him to finish well.

4th year in pastor’s training is on the way with the new batch (7 pastors again).


Goodness of our Lord in His closeness to us, provision and leading,

Our family of 9 (including our 4 months old granddaughter – Eliána),

Our health,

Many and new opportunities to build the kingdom of God here in Hungary,

Friends who pray for us, support us and encourage us,

Our extended house serves us better now,

Being content and secure in unstable circumstances (many educated people leave this country long term – it does not feel good to live here) and many more.

You are appreciated!!!

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving among your loved ones,

Gyuri and Anikó

from Hungary