Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear friends,

Thanks for your prayers!!!

Our church retreat was very good. Our family arrived a day earlier to set the “stage” and the room for the children. We met at the old school yard (where Gyuri went 1st-4th grade. Now the village has a new school building so they use the old building for fellowship events, photo studio and there is an exhibition. We stayed outside and the kids inside.

First evening we were happy to see each other at Gyuri’s sister’s house because we still are doing church online. There were people who have never met before. We were singing after we all were full with some Hungarian specialty. Bread topped with smoked ham, onion, sour cream, sausage baked in an outdoor oven.

In the mornings Gyuri was teaching then we had lunch together, some fun time in the afternoon and worship in the evening and watching falling stars at the river. Last evening, we had the chance to sit in front of the others share and ask for prayer. 3-4 of us prayed for each. We shared a lot of tears.

We had 2 baptisms: one young mother was baptized Saturday evening and a young girl on Sunday morning. Both were very special.

2 special blessings: A young wife (Eva-37) joined our fellowship during Covid online time. Her nonbeliever husband (Karesz and 5 years old son) came with her to our retreat and he listened to all messages and last evening asked us to pray for his wife (she had breast cancer 1+1/2 year ago). Please pray for Karesz to be visited by God! Their marriage is in pieces, Karesz wants to solve it – he cannot!

There is a middle age woman (Kinga-52) in the village (a childhood friend to Gyuri, we led her to Christ about 30 years ago) who lost her husband in February. His body was found in the river. They had a very difficult 6 months in their marriage before that. She needed help (apart regular visits to a psychologist), so we invited her to join in our retreat. She was there from the first evening, she cried through the songs, got connected with a good number of us. We have not met her for about 20 years. She agreed that this retreat was God’s special grace for her. Sunday evening (after everybody left and we packed up all the decorations, games, piano,…) we visited her in her home (which is next to the house Gyuri grew up). She closed the window!, told about their marriage difficulties, his death and her and her 2 daughters struggles with mourning. We tried to give her some perspective assured her of our support in some way. She said at the end: God brought you back in to my life at this very difficult stage! Aniko will personally help her. Please pray for both!

All our church family enjoyed (adults and children) this special time to be together personally, have some fun time together, share in a deep level, grow in love for God and each other.

Thanks for being apart of our growth!

New prayer requests:

Gyuri will burry his 96 years old English uncle this Friday.

Sunday-Tuesday Gyuri and our son Aron will hold a camp for Abigel’s class (10 kids) and the new 9th grade class (10 kids) - for which Gyuri is the head teacher. In spite this is a Christian school most kids are not believers. Please pray that everyone has a good first impression in being in a Christian environment. Gyuri and Aron still have a lot to prepare for the camp.

School begins on Wednesday for Gyuri and Abigél.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

In His Servis: Gyuri and Anikó (+Áron and Abigél)

PS: Almost forgot. We went to Austria for a short vacation which began with a natural disaster! In a deep valley we got into a huge hail and thunderstorm. The rain brought massive stone and mud flood from the mountain top so we got trapped in the valley. The road was washed away before us. We had to leave our car behind and was rescued in a huge escalator and transported to an army camp for the night. Next afternoon The Austrian Red Cross people took us back to our car. We still had to cross a flooded road but were able to drive out the valley and reach our destination a day later. The rest of our vacation was wonderful.