Florin (Csika) & Ana Tamas – Fundulea, Romania

Hello dear friend,

“Christ is risen!!! … He is alive indeed and He changed me!!” – this is the reality we are experiencing not only once a year, on Easter, but every day. To God be the Glory for choosing us and giving us the grace to be transformed in the image of Jesus. This is the best thing that can happen to a sinner like me!!

Praise the Lord for the work He is doing in and through us here in Romania and since March in Ukraine and for the Ukrainian people.

Since the War started, I have helped as volunteer for 3 weeks at one of the crossing borders with Ukraine, at Isaccea, transporting the refugees to shelters, that provided food, Christian counseling, a place to rest and be warm overnight.

All this time I prayed intensely for a van because it was very much needed, the refugees were so many and the transportation was missing, many of them spending hours in the cold waiting with their children for someone to come and take them shelters or to a bus or train station to get to Bucharest and after that to different places in Europe, so they may start a new life. All this time I have seen miracles happening, how thousands of Romanians opened their houses for refugees and were spending hours at the border, just to be able to take someone home with them. God did a miracle on my behalf as well, praying for a van and saving for one for a while, I felt that it was time to trust the Lord in this, and I stated to look for a van. I’ve started to ask my friends if they knew a good van, and in not more than 2 weeks God provided a perfect van for us. The price though was way too high for our budget, but God made the owner of the car to raise money for us to be able to buy it. The miracle was that in one day the owner raised more than 7500$, for us, a man that I haven’t met before… All praises be to God!!

I have the van for a month now and I did a lot of traveling to Moldova and Ukraine, over 7000 km (4350 miles) in 1 month, being involved in a humanitarian convoy, taking supplies and food to these places, and returning with refugees. Praise the Lord for His protection!!

One load like this is around 1500 $, and it has rice, flour, oil, different cans of fish and pork and chicken pate, sugar, pasta, tomato sauce, crackers, hot chocolate, instant coffee, some sweets and candy for the children, plastic gas tanks, some medicine, flashlights and batteries. With the gas and other expenses will go around 2000 $. If there is someone interested and willing to help, this is a budget to consider.

All this time, we had a shelter for the refugees at our church in Fundulea, being able to share the Gospel to them and helping them with the traveling documents and tickets for their destinations. Gerald and Ady managed this ministry and with an American missionary to Ukraine that even though he had the tickets to get back to the States, he preferred to stay and help.

Since the pandemic I have asked the Lord to provide a way for me to get in people’s homes that probably no one will have access because of covid. So, I was asked to renovate bathrooms, kitchens, houses, apartments. In this way I was able to share the Gospel and to provide a workplace, even for short time, for the young men in our church that were struggling financially. This is how I did the savings for the van!!

The ministry has its ups and downs but praise the Lord He is in control. This Sunday, 15th of May, we have a baptism with 5 candidates, so please be in prayer, because many unsaved souls will be in Church for this event.

We have 13 young couples that we meet every week for Bible Study in our house, and you don’t want to know how it looks like after they leave ☹😊. We are very thankful for our home, and for having people over. This is a prayer that received its answer. Every Monday, Ana is meeting with the ladies from Church for Bible Study as well, and it is a joy to minister this way.

The kids are growing so fast, Abel just turned 12, and he already went to the teens meeting this Saturday, I cannot believe how fast the time is flying. He is very thankful for the Homeschooling program, because he has extra time to learn German and he loves Science. This month, on the 19th, Andrei will turn 10, but he is developing very fast as well. He loves sports, especially basketball. Alex, our 3rd boy, has 8 ½ now, and he is very protective with his little brother Fabian, who is 3 ½, but both are the rascals in the family, that is why they stick together 😊. Our princes Flavia has 1 more month and finishes 1st grade, and she is not even 7 years old. At first, she loved school, but by the end, Ana must push her from behind to finish her daily tasks. Ana, has her hand full all day, making sure they all stick to their schedule. Thank you so much for your support and prayers, that is helping us raise our kids and minister to the people in our congregation and society. God bless you richly!!

Hope Church Fundulea – Easter Sunday 2022

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