Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Dear brothers in Lord Jesus Christ,

please receive holy greetings from the Indru's family and the Efrata Baptist Church. Thank you for accepting us to work together in this year for the Kingdom of God. For this year as a pastor in our church, my goal is to lead our church to be as effective as possible in reaching people with the gospel, baptizing and discipling them. These are exciting days! I am confident that we are going to see a great work of God in our city in the year of 2023.
God has used you to comfort those who have lost loved ones, encourage the discouraged, counsel those seeking direction, and preach and teach the unchanging Word of God. Our ministry continue to serve the Lord in Lugoj and Criciova, supporting the widows and orphans, but we also continue to support the work in Ukraine.

There we go to our brothers who are in constant need of food and financial support so that they can take this food to the affected churches in the war zones.  In partnership with brothers from Romania, we manage to bring encouragement to those in need in Ukraine.  The people of Ukraine are going through tremendous difficulty at this time as Russia (primarily Putin) has declared war on them.

At Lugoj we have different social projects that we constantly support.

We thank God and all those who join these works.
We need all your prayers in order to remain humble under our Lord's hand. Thank you for loving us and supporting us.

With Love in Christ,
Beni & Gratiela Indru