Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,
We continue to help Ukraine with the food we personally deliver, every 2,3 weeks. We drive our vans for 13-15 hours, one way in order to get there.

Because of the war, the needs are growing and our brothers are still asking us for help with the food we can donate. We want to be a part and we want to be a blessing to for our brothers from Ukraine. In addition, we have refugee From Ukraine, who are already in Romania and live in Lugoj, in the villages around the city, and they are also asking us for help. With limited resources, we cannot satisfy all the requests we receive, but we do our best to bless both of them. From June 27th to June 30th we will have a  VBS at Efrata where we are expecting a few hundred children every day around these days. We try to get the things we need for a good development of this VBS. We cannot ignore the poor families in Romania or the widows who need our help. We do all our best to bless them.

Please continue to pray for us to be a blessing for others.