Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Greetings in Christ!

These past several months have been a growing experience for us. We had several opportunities to witness and share our testimonies to folks from town.

We continue to bless them with food and medications.

Pray that the seed, the Word of God that was sown there would take root and folks will accept the free gift of salvation.
The past two years since the global pandemic have been an extra challenge, physically and spiritually, to get our ministries thriving and growing.

For now, the biggest impact is the problem of the economy. Daily wage-earners are really suffering from not being able to work to earn enough money to buy food for the day.

The people of Ukraine are going through tremendous difficulty at this time as Russia has declared war on them.

The war in Ukraine has many ramifications across the food chain. Consequences include the disruption of business operations and trade flows, higher commodity and energy prices and a deteriorating economic outlook. The impact is trickling down to many food & agriculture companies in Romania. We are helping regularly the christian refugees with food and accommodation. Most of them are in transit for going to much safer countries.

We are forever grateful for the humbling privilege and joy to be serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with partners like you, touching lives with His Word for eternity.

As we always say, we cannot be out here doing the work of God without each of you. We pray for you folks every day and thank God for you all. IThes. 1:2

In Christ,

Beni & Gratiela