Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Merry Christmas Friends!
Greetings from a (for now) white Czech Republic. We would like to Thank all of you for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry here in Pelhřimov and around our country.
Here are just a few highlights from the past several months:
  • new Bible study group was started in the town of Jindřichův Hradec, about 30 minutes from us, with a group of basketball players from the local team. Several of them came to Christ, and now even their coaches and the owner of the club come to these Bible studies. Praise the Lord!
  • We had our annual pre-Christmas event at the Bible museum, and about 80 people came during the two half days. Several of these people then came to the church on Sunday. Praise the Lord!
  • special museum program was offered to local schools - fun workshops, new exhibits, etc., and so far, we have had about 130 young people go through, and we have dates set up for another about 150 in January. They all hear about Christ, get a New Testament, get a flier for our English and Basketball camps in the summer. Praise the Lord!
  • The church is growing through difficult situations. Several of our families are dealing with very difficult issues. We knew this would happen sooner or later, but we are rejoicing that we can go through these things together, pray together, and see the Lord work! Praise Him!
  • I have been asked to teach a group of elders and pastors a preaching seminar. This came as a result of our church services being streamed online. It is a great joy for me to be preaching, and I love teaching this subject to those who want to be better preachers and teachers of the Word of God - please, pray for humility and wisdom for me during this course. Praise the Lord!
We want to Thank you all for your partnership in our ministry. The Lord is so good… even in moments when we don’t „feel it”. That is why we want to stay firmly rooted in His Word, so we don’t have to live by feelings. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach the new Bible study group of basketball players, and we talked about prayer. Thinking of the size of our planet… the Solar system… the Universe… and still, God is willing to hear our prayers, and He wants to answer them. Isn’t it amazing?
Have a blessed Christmas!

Vláďa, Eliška, Sára, Ester, and David Donát