Lucian & Carmen Bordea — Romania

Greetings from me and the churches on the mission.  Thank you for your continued support in prayer and financial support.  I try to show you the state of the churches (Florica and Valea Argovei) and how things have gone in recent months.  In Florica the activities of the church are: the children’s club which was more restricted due to the restrictions, the group of teenagers had regular meetings, the fact that a teenager attends the preparation course for baptism and others are determined in the decision to be baptized.  In the church a young family recently returned, we were happy with their decision.  There are unsaved people in the family in the church who attend the meeting regularly, we are waiting for decisions and choices to follow Jesus.  We have regular meetings on Sundays and during the week we have evenings of prayer and Bible study.  We keep in touch with those who visit the church through visits and the presentation of the gospel at home, we pray for them to be enlightened by the holy scriptures. We help and support families in need.  I would like to inform you of the case of a person from the church who has serious heart health problems, please support him and his family in prayers.  In Valea Argovei there will also be three people to do the preparation course for baptism, we are happy for their choice.  There are people who attend church meetings, we keep in touch with them through home visits. This year we want to preach the gospel in neighboring cities.  Valea Argovei is a connection point for the surrounding villages with a meeting location than in Valea Argovei.  My desire for this year is to be as effective and involved as possible in presenting the gospel and expanding the kingdom of God.  Thank you for your direct and personal involvement.  Be blessed!!