Lojza & Maruska Klepacek


In 2000 Lojza was called into ministry at the Word of Life camp in Cerna Hora where he was touched by God’s grace to work in the lives of young people. He now serves as teaching pastor in an independent Baptist church in Kromeríž called Biblické spolecenství krestanu Kromeríž – BSK (Christin Bible fellowship) for 12 years. By God´s grace, he and his family have been able to witness the mercy and faithfulness of God in their efforts. After many hard and sorrowful years in Kromeríž, the Lord blessed the church with unity and constant growth as the church grew from about 20 people to 80-90 committed members and visitors. The church is blessed with healthy leadership, deacons and serving people. The Gospel is being proclaimed, the Word is being preached verse by verse, and people are being constantly trained and discipled. New leaders are being equipped and they are the main pillars of the ministry.

BSK has a vision to plant other churches in the next few years, as many of the members are traveling to the church from the Ostrava region which is almost 2 hours away. It seems only natural to enter into opportunities God seems to be opening. BSK Kromeríž already partners on planting one church in the Prostejov region.  

Lojza helped to start a training center (Czech Bible institute –  http://biblickyinstitut.cz) located in their church and oversaw their first program called The Survey of the Bible. Along with the training center, Lojza’s church, with the help of other like minded friends, organizes an annual conference to encourage and distribute solid teaching to Czech brothers and sisters (biblickakonference.cz)

Lojza is blessed with a faithful support of his wife Mruška and their two daughters Ester (10) and Daniela (8). Since their church is not yet fully able to support them financially, Lojza and Maruska have decided to trust God with their financial support, and are very thankful for the work of the Philippian fellowship in assisting them for many years now. “Philippian Fellowship has been and amazing help and encouragement providing an assistance needed in the spiritual and financial support of our ministry.” Lojza and Maruška have decided that it is best for them for Maruska to be fully involved in their family, training their daughters at home and supporting Lojza in the extra demanding ministry as much is possible. God has been faithful to provide constantly for their family needs as the church takes more and more responsibility caring for their pastor.

Your prayers, notes of encouragement or financial support are highly appreciated.

By his Grace, for His Glory.

Contact: remusklepacek@gmail.com